If you were told it poison,

Ne’er would it glaze your palette?

Ne’er would it glaze your palette,

The eye and the mind suffice.

Our palette is dry.

When the fluids began to flow,

It did not water like a Spring garden,

On Sunday.

We be told it poison,

And our palettes be cursed by holy words.

We keep our mouths closeted.

It hopes to keep our garden in spring,

As all the other gardens.

Not all but some.

They want not their palettes glazed.

They withhold for too long,

Yearning and praying,

Begging. They break.

They whither and wilt,

And dry out.

And you be told this the cause,

Of it being poisoned.


A Girl From The Sea

There once was a girl from the sea,
Who wore not just two shells, but three.
            One for each boosum,
            And one for her koosum.
Though she did all but hide them from me.

Going through some old files on my hard drive yielded some personal treasures. I went through a short phase of limerick obsession and every word spilt from my lips were either limerick or nonexistent. Although short-lived, my phase was volatile and created some works that I have to admit are jovial if anything. The poem presented below is about a girl who wore seashells, but presented herself exclusively to the speaker.

The intention of this poem was to promote a sense of liberation. I am an advocate of the human physique, especially in art. And writing this helped me further how I already felt to shame for appreciating the human form without the sexual connotations that are always applied to it.

About Me


Normally, I would avoid these categories of script. Writing with first person possessive is one of the most difficult things to do. Because when writing, I do try to avoid being too subjective. The hypocrisy in it though, since writing about oneself can only be the most subjective thing they do.

In any case, let’s begin this.

I have a French first name and a Prussian surname.

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa. And no, I didn’t have a pet lion. I prefer jaguars, which were hard to come by at the time since they had to be imported.

I’ve lived in my birth place, Sweden, India, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Max 3-5 years per country.

Language is the basis of any successful culture and I love it. Be it written, spoken, or telepathically generated. The third one is my recommended medium.

I’m an INFJ and am profoundly proud of it. There are only .05 of us out there in the population.

I believe in the good of mankind but take a stance of passivity because I do feel that morality is a manufactured institution. However the Universe may have it, if one can change anything, “Have at it,” I tell them. It’s your life so live it.

I am tethered to the Universe by the strokes on my canvas and by the keys on my piano. There’s something about creating that gives me such anti gravity that it becomes almost intoxicating. I should hope to publish some of my works soon. Perhaps, some would like to see how I view my space.

Goodness, I sound pretentious. I should start writing something worth reading.

Inspiration, InspirationInspiration. 

No matter how I look at it, I can’t seem to find any. I end here, and should I think of more I’ll post it with haste.

Getting Out There



And welcome to my blog. I’m pleased to have you on here even for just a while. Currently there’s not a lot to look at, but there will be soon I promise.

It’s 20:02 now on a Tuesday and I’m sitting on my bed. I’ve decided to go for it. I’ve decided to start a blog. Been considering it for a while now, but everyone is their own worst critic and you know how it is, you lose motivation, you put it off for another time, it ought to happen, just not now at least.

“F*ck that!” screams internally because I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna start a blog.

I’ll write about things which people can relate to. I want to brand myself in the best possible way and stand out among the rest and become a household name.

Expect many things, great things in fact. Because I plan on delivering. This I promise myself, and should the Universe allow it, I could promise you it too.

Join me if you wish. Regardless, however,

I will get out there.