A Girl From The Sea

There once was a girl from the sea,
Who wore not just two shells, but three.
            One for each boosum,
            And one for her koosum.
Though she did all but hide them from me.

Going through some old files on my hard drive yielded some personal treasures. I went through a short phase of limerick obsession and every word spilt from my lips were either limerick or nonexistent. Although short-lived, my phase was volatile and created some works that I have to admit are jovial if anything. The poem presented below is about a girl who wore seashells, but presented herself exclusively to the speaker.

The intention of this poem was to promote a sense of liberation. I am an advocate of the human physique, especially in art. And writing this helped me further how I already felt to shame for appreciating the human form without the sexual connotations that are always applied to it.