Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: First Impressions


A few months back, during my stay in the Netherlands, I cam across a book in a quaint bookstore. In the English Literature section of the store stood a hard cover book, clad in off-white and title in azure blue. Titled “POEMS that make GROWN MEN CRY”, this book is a compilation of poems chosen as favourites by famous authors and literates.

The compilation is edited by father and son duo Anthony & Ben Holden. The poems chosen all hold a special place within the authors and editors. This genuine sense of appreciation authenticates what these men feel and is a perfect bridge among those men (and women) who can appreciate words in all their intricacies. Whether these poems make you cry, whether you’re a man, a women, or anything in between. I can whole-heartedly recommend this book to you. Poems have a profound effect on moving people, and in my experience, the effect is multiplied tenfold when it is presented as a form of explicit expression of oneself to another.

Now for the true purpose of this post. Although I could potentially (and extensively) sing praises to this book, I’ve decided to reserve this post as a general overview or first impressions post. Over the course of my thorough read through of this book, I should hope to make posts about the actual content of the book. What I enjoyed, what I didn’t, what I understood, or what I couldn’t; all of this ought to arise.

I’ll tag posts specific to this book as PGMC which would be a simple tag to follow in case you wish to do so.

Check back soon for more on one of my favourite finds of 2014.

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