30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3


What are your top three pet peeves?

This is a fairly short lift. But on this list are the things that are enough to drive me up the walls and through the roof. Here are my top 3 pet peeves.

1. When people are too judgemental of others. Ok so this might not seem like a pet peeve because it is a pretty big issue. However, most people think they can get away with the minutest of comments and sometimes I feel like its best to keep your opinion to yourself. There’s a line between healthy venting, and unnecessary hate spreading and ruining the mood. I honestly do not care about what you think of that girl’s shorts. Or about how that guy is smoking a cigarette outside by his car. Some things don’t affect you so don’t upset yourself over them.

2. When people touch me or my things without my invitation. Alright so this is nothing like harassment or anything big like that. But I am unfortunately a bit of a germaphobe and I remember everything and everyone that comes into contact with me or my stuff. I can’t stand hand shakes, and I can stand it far less when people use my things and leave small traces of oil or sweat on them or even ear wax. When I use other people’s things, I try to keep them in a good shape before returning them because I expect others to do the same. Call me prudish, because I may be, but I’ll be darned if anyone handles a few coins, touch the handrail, and sneeze, then expect me to present myself for a handshake. The worst is when people with personal space issues touch me on the head or face. Fingers will be lost on occasion.

3. Bad smells. Ok so if I’m driving through a farm and cow pie comes wafting through the air conditioner, I can have no quarrels. Just wait for the aroma to pass there’s not much more to it. Now the problem comes when absurd odours arise in places where they have no business being in the first place. I’m talking of an old sandwich in a locker. Or a pair of nasty socks on the kitchen table. Yes, I know people who put shoes and other indiscretions on counter tops. This peeve isn’t limited to inanimate objects no, there are sometimes those who harbour a stench foul enough to curdle the wallpaper. Except, I never judge people on their hygiene because they might not always be in the best state to place a quick shower as a priority. Bad breath, however, I am very sensitive to.

Bonus list includes; people who plagiarise or outright copy an idea, music that is too loud that it borders plain noise instead of a catchy beat, and narcissists.

Alright, so now that all that venting is out of my system I can focus on the next thing on my list. Check back tomorrow for the next entry for my 30 Day Writing Challenge. And as always, have a fine day.


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

Here’s the second entry for my 30 Day Writing Challenge. It took me the whole day to think of what to write for this post and I’m still struggling to find the perfect thing write about. There are a few options but I want to write about one that I think you’d find most telling of my personality. Here goes.

I’ve been told by a few people that I tend to stand out. For some reason, when I’m seen with a group of people, I’m usually the one that they take notice of most. Whether it be my face, my posture, my clothes, there’s never any true indication to why people notice me more. I take this as both a compliment but conversely, cause for discomfort.

While I do enjoy having my moment in the limelight or being noticed, I sometimes feel that the more people tell me this, the more I tend feel as though I am being watched. And it does take a moderate toll on me, emotionally, because it does get quite exhausting when I’m out in public and I’m worrying about what I do or say because there are other people around who’ll see. It sounds ridiculous I know, but it has happened a few times where people would make a comment such as,

“Oh, I saw you today at so-and-so and you seemed very so-and-so.”

I would sometimes prefer it if people not give me their opinions on how I compose myself, especially when I’m not conscious about my movements, posture, or facial expressions.

I also find it funny when numerous people claim to have seen me somewhere when I haven’t been in the area in a while. Apparently, I have doppelgangers running around town.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that people take notice of me. Because usually I do try to look and act my very best and knowing it gets noticed is a small reward but still appreciated.

Come back soon for the next entry and follow the 30DWC tag to stay updated. Until then, have a fine day!

30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 1


List 10 things that make you really happy

This is a difficult one. A good start to get the juices flowing, nonetheless. One of the hardest things to do is name things that you usually don’t think of often, regardless of their importance in your life. But if I think hard enough about it, my list would probably consist of this;

  1. A walk in the woods.
  2. A catchy tune that I can sing along to.
  3. Selecting a new save file on a video game.
  4. Being able to draw exactly how I feel it to be.
  5. Getting something done right the first time.
  6. Spacing out and feeling a part of something bigger.
  7. When my friends or family tell me something big they wouldn’t tell others.
  8. The smell of a library or books.
  9. Being free to chose where to travel, live, or work and being confident in my choices.
  10. The rare occasion where I feel relaxed in public and can do things normally.

Perhaps you share the sentiment with some of these. A common theme is relaxation. Having social anxiety is a mess on the mind and it makes the simplest tasks seem like an impossible feet. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It also depends on the people I’m with, therefore I’m unconsciously very selective of whom I allow into my close circle but you might now what I mean.

Feel free to comment some of the things that make you happy and share your thoughts, it’d do wonders for my curiosity.

Be on the lookout for Day 2 and until next we meet, have a happy life.

30 Days Writing Challenge: Introduction


Fruitful day to all my readers.

30-day-writing-challengeHaving browsed through some blogs, I’ve noticed a trend among some writers. The 30 Day Writing Challenge seems to plague all formats of blogs and I’ve decided to take part in it. Every day I’ll post a short piece relating to the challenge of the respective day. Each challenge, listed on the right, was found on another blogger’s page.

Perhaps some day I’ll create my own challenge, but for now this ought to be a good starting point.

I’ll tag my posts as 30DWC so finding all entries should be simple in case you missed any previous posts.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the little tidbits of literacy and that your support will motivate me to persevere throughout the challenge.

See you in the next post.