Game Review: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Video Game

Nostalgia can hit like a brick thrown from a strong arm. The Pokémon franchise is loved or loathed by all who know it and becomes more transgenerational with every entry.


Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Version, initially released in Japan on September 28, 2006, was the first main series Pokémon game to be release for the Nintendo DS. It was also the first Pokémon game that I dedicated myself to playing to completion. Given that I had never owned a game from the franchise or a DS for that matter, December of 2008 was life-changing if nothing else. Christmas came and went, but Pokémon had quickly set in to be one of my all time favourites for the Nintendo handheld. To this day, I can go back to my DS game cartridge and revisit old towns and listen to the soundtrack simply for the sake of going back in time to my initial play through. The experience is astounding and Game Freak should be applauded for the effect of their games.

Now for the game. It features the same formula as all Pokémon games. One choses their player gender and name, listen to the Professor’s ramblings, pick a starter and set off to become the Pokémon Master by beating all 8 gyms, the Elite Four, and ultimately face off against the reigning Champion of the region. The plot takes place in Sinnoh. A personal favourite as it features towns with varying climates and the soundtrack – given the system capabilities – was a huge upgrade from previous instalments in the franchise. Pokémon from previous games could be transferred over which made completing your collection easier. Multiplayer also received an upgrade since one could now use the DS Internet accessibility to wirelessly interact with other players. I never part took of this feature, however, so I cannot garner an opinion on its quality.

The story was by far they most exciting in a game I had played at the time. The characters were full, vibrant, and so well written. I was emotionally invested in the characters and their stories. Perhaps my favourite villains in the series by far. Team Galactic were truly fierce. Beating them at the end of the main storyline felt like a true victory. The leader also had such an effect in how his character was portrayed that I couldn’t help but sympathise with him since his character still seemed human, even though he was “evil”.

Starters of Sinnoh Turtwig, Chimchar, & Piplup (left to right)

Starters of Sinnoh
Turtwig, Chimchar, & Piplup
(left to right)

The Pokémon introduced in this game were wonderful. Their aesthetic was marvellous and it furthered the feeling of differentiating locales of the region. Where one could hunt for these creatures made sense with their typing and appearance. It made me want to search through every patch of grass available and I spent hours trying to fill my Pokédex just to see what the next entry would look like.

Overall, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl is a great game. It looks magnificent, it plays wonderfully, and the plot is rich with characters. The Sinnoh region is a surely recommended site. Besides the generic formula, the game does manage to stand out among other titles of the time. When you’ve the time, pick up Pokémon Diamond/Pearl and pay the Sinnoh region a visit. It’s truly worth it.


Planning and Sticking To It


I decided to start blogging, but honesty, I have no clue how to go about it. I follow some blogs and vlogs so using them as an example should be simple. Simpler said than implemented.

No worries, naïveté comes in handy in that it provides a sense of self efficacy and motivation. Such that can be funnelled into fuelling productivity such as planning. Planning only goes so far as taking action to bring the plans to fruition but it is a good start.

IMG_0380On the right is a screen shot of my Notes app. As you can probably see, there are a few ideas, but as of now the schedule is set as such;

  • Poetry Review on Monday
  • Short Story on Tuesday
  • Video Game Review on Wednesday
  • Anime Review on Thursday
  • Illustrated Story on Friday
  • Art Review on Saturday


Having a set schedule provides some order to the week. It also ensures that I have a plan to follow and can manage the type of content to put out. This allows for something new to be published at least once a day – given I follow through with it. Each day shall also have a category tab which ought to make finding similar entries from past dates simpler to you, my readers.

Perhaps this will turn out to be a success. And regardless of whether it does I should hope to thank you all for your support.

Pen – An Excerpt from my Creative Writing files


Pen scarcely kept to himself in matters of fairness. It was both a weakness and a strength, which lent him the unofficial title of Judge among his group of tight-knit cohorts. Because of developments in gentry-sentry affairs, people were often prepared for quarrels whenever the topic was brought to light. Pen was no exception to this. Overhearing the mild rantings of a junior vice assistant to Damsel Corinthia, Pen knew his standings could be matched and smirked at the passerby’s comments. This junior vice assistant preferred his middle name of Regent and he flaunted the name like a proud horse.

“Perhaps you ought to get that cough of yours checked out Pen.” Regent knew whom he was addressing and his confidence made the remarks as snarky as the day would have ever demanded.

Ignoring the remark, Pen furrowed his brow and look at Regent dead in the eye.

“And perhaps you should be more attentive to your work rather than slandering ideas that concern you in the very least.”

Regent could sense that Pen was agitated but insisted on keeping at it.

“Whether it concerns me or not, an opinion is an opinion. And some people’s are more right than others, I’m afraid.”

“Opinions may be valid regardless of their origin, but I’m sure Damsel Corinthia would rather you kept them to yourself whilst under her order.” Pen kept his cool although he was about ready to put Regent in his place.

“Corinthia would rather it but what the fair Damsel would also prefer is a just outcome to this crucial period in class relations.” Regent spoke as if he knew what Corinthia would prefer. Though his cowardice often lead to him falling silent within her presence. Regent may be a bother to Pen, but he knows how to straddle the borders and maintain face in the right places.

Pen would at this point have lunged at Regent for speaking out of turn regarding Corinthia, but he was also smart and knew how to keep face almost better than Regent. The two were at odds with one another and Pen reminded Regent of the nearing General Greavas. To which Regent bid adeau and was off.

About Me


Normally, I would avoid these categories of script. Writing with first person possessive is one of the most difficult things to do. Because when writing, I do try to avoid being too subjective. The hypocrisy in it though, since writing about oneself can only be the most subjective thing they do.

In any case, let’s begin this.

I have a French first name and a Prussian surname.

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa. And no, I didn’t have a pet lion. I prefer jaguars, which were hard to come by at the time since they had to be imported.

I’ve lived in my birth place, Sweden, India, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Max 3-5 years per country.

Language is the basis of any successful culture and I love it. Be it written, spoken, or telepathically generated. The third one is my recommended medium.

I’m an INFJ and am profoundly proud of it. There are only .05 of us out there in the population.

I believe in the good of mankind but take a stance of passivity because I do feel that morality is a manufactured institution. However the Universe may have it, if one can change anything, “Have at it,” I tell them. It’s your life so live it.

I am tethered to the Universe by the strokes on my canvas and by the keys on my piano. There’s something about creating that gives me such anti gravity that it becomes almost intoxicating. I should hope to publish some of my works soon. Perhaps, some would like to see how I view my space.

Goodness, I sound pretentious. I should start writing something worth reading.

Inspiration, InspirationInspiration. 

No matter how I look at it, I can’t seem to find any. I end here, and should I think of more I’ll post it with haste.

Getting Out There



And welcome to my blog. I’m pleased to have you on here even for just a while. Currently there’s not a lot to look at, but there will be soon I promise.

It’s 20:02 now on a Tuesday and I’m sitting on my bed. I’ve decided to go for it. I’ve decided to start a blog. Been considering it for a while now, but everyone is their own worst critic and you know how it is, you lose motivation, you put it off for another time, it ought to happen, just not now at least.

“F*ck that!” screams internally because I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna start a blog.

I’ll write about things which people can relate to. I want to brand myself in the best possible way and stand out among the rest and become a household name.

Expect many things, great things in fact. Because I plan on delivering. This I promise myself, and should the Universe allow it, I could promise you it too.

Join me if you wish. Regardless, however,

I will get out there.