Pen – An Excerpt from my Creative Writing files


Pen scarcely kept to himself in matters of fairness. It was both a weakness and a strength, which lent him the unofficial title of Judge among his group of tight-knit cohorts. Because of developments in gentry-sentry affairs, people were often prepared for quarrels whenever the topic was brought to light. Pen was no exception to this. Overhearing the mild rantings of a junior vice assistant to Damsel Corinthia, Pen knew his standings could be matched and smirked at the passerby’s comments. This junior vice assistant preferred his middle name of Regent and he flaunted the name like a proud horse.

“Perhaps you ought to get that cough of yours checked out Pen.” Regent knew whom he was addressing and his confidence made the remarks as snarky as the day would have ever demanded.

Ignoring the remark, Pen furrowed his brow and look at Regent dead in the eye.

“And perhaps you should be more attentive to your work rather than slandering ideas that concern you in the very least.”

Regent could sense that Pen was agitated but insisted on keeping at it.

“Whether it concerns me or not, an opinion is an opinion. And some people’s are more right than others, I’m afraid.”

“Opinions may be valid regardless of their origin, but I’m sure Damsel Corinthia would rather you kept them to yourself whilst under her order.” Pen kept his cool although he was about ready to put Regent in his place.

“Corinthia would rather it but what the fair Damsel would also prefer is a just outcome to this crucial period in class relations.” Regent spoke as if he knew what Corinthia would prefer. Though his cowardice often lead to him falling silent within her presence. Regent may be a bother to Pen, but he knows how to straddle the borders and maintain face in the right places.

Pen would at this point have lunged at Regent for speaking out of turn regarding Corinthia, but he was also smart and knew how to keep face almost better than Regent. The two were at odds with one another and Pen reminded Regent of the nearing General Greavas. To which Regent bid adeau and was off.