American Pastoral – A Review and its Cultural Relevance


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American Pastoral explores the toll that political tension has on the domestic front of civilization.

The story begins with famous writer, Nathan Zuckerman (David Strathairn) attending his 40th high school reunion. He runs into an old friend, Jerry Levov (Rupert Evans) and the two begin to discuss the tragic life of Jerry’s older brother “Swede”. Seymour “Swede” Levov (Ewan McGregor) was the blonde haired, blue-eyed Jewish athlete that was adored by the entire community in Newark, New Jersey.

The tragic retelling begins with Swede as he introduces his girlfriend and future wife Dawn Dwyer (Jennifer Connelly) to his father. In hopes that the old Jewish business owner would approve of their union, Swede tells Dawn in be steadfast in her approach and she’ll be sure make a good impression. A former beauty queen, Dawn surprises Mr. Levov with her conviction when discussing the potential religious upbringing of the…

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