30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3


What are your top three pet peeves?

This is a fairly short lift. But on this list are the things that are enough to drive me up the walls and through the roof. Here are my top 3 pet peeves.

1. When people are too judgemental of others. Ok so this might not seem like a pet peeve because it is a pretty big issue. However, most people think they can get away with the minutest of comments and sometimes I feel like its best to keep your opinion to yourself. There’s a line between healthy venting, and unnecessary hate spreading and ruining the mood. I honestly do not care about what you think of that girl’s shorts. Or about how that guy is smoking a cigarette outside by his car. Some things don’t affect you so don’t upset yourself over them.

2. When people touch me or my things without my invitation. Alright so this is nothing like harassment or anything big like that. But I am unfortunately a bit of a germaphobe and I remember everything and everyone that comes into contact with me or my stuff. I can’t stand hand shakes, and I can stand it far less when people use my things and leave small traces of oil or sweat on them or even ear wax. When I use other people’s things, I try to keep them in a good shape before returning them because I expect others to do the same. Call me prudish, because I may be, but I’ll be darned if anyone handles a few coins, touch the handrail, and sneeze, then expect me to present myself for a handshake. The worst is when people with personal space issues touch me on the head or face. Fingers will be lost on occasion.

3. Bad smells. Ok so if I’m driving through a farm and cow pie comes wafting through the air conditioner, I can have no quarrels. Just wait for the aroma to pass there’s not much more to it. Now the problem comes when absurd odours arise in places where they have no business being in the first place. I’m talking of an old sandwich in a locker. Or a pair of nasty socks on the kitchen table. Yes, I know people who put shoes and other indiscretions on counter tops. This peeve isn’t limited to inanimate objects no, there are sometimes those who harbour a stench foul enough to curdle the wallpaper. Except, I never judge people on their hygiene because they might not always be in the best state to place a quick shower as a priority. Bad breath, however, I am very sensitive to.

Bonus list includes; people who plagiarise or outright copy an idea, music that is too loud that it borders plain noise instead of a catchy beat, and narcissists.

Alright, so now that all that venting is out of my system I can focus on the next thing on my list. Check back tomorrow for the next entry for my 30 Day Writing Challenge. And as always, have a fine day.


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