30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

Here’s the second entry for my 30 Day Writing Challenge. It took me the whole day to think of what to write for this post and I’m still struggling to find the perfect thing write about. There are a few options but I want to write about one that I think you’d find most telling of my personality. Here goes.

I’ve been told by a few people that I tend to stand out. For some reason, when I’m seen with a group of people, I’m usually the one that they take notice of most. Whether it be my face, my posture, my clothes, there’s never any true indication to why people notice me more. I take this as both a compliment but conversely, cause for discomfort.

While I do enjoy having my moment in the limelight or being noticed, I sometimes feel that the more people tell me this, the more I tend feel as though I am being watched. And it does take a moderate toll on me, emotionally, because it does get quite exhausting when I’m out in public and I’m worrying about what I do or say because there are other people around who’ll see. It sounds ridiculous I know, but it has happened a few times where people would make a comment such as,

“Oh, I saw you today at so-and-so and you seemed very so-and-so.”

I would sometimes prefer it if people not give me their opinions on how I compose myself, especially when I’m not conscious about my movements, posture, or facial expressions.

I also find it funny when numerous people claim to have seen me somewhere when I haven’t been in the area in a while. Apparently, I have doppelgangers running around town.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that people take notice of me. Because usually I do try to look and act my very best and knowing it gets noticed is a small reward but still appreciated.

Come back soon for the next entry and follow the 30DWC tag to stay updated. Until then, have a fine day!


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