30 Days Writing Challenge – Day 1


List 10 things that make you really happy

This is a difficult one. A good start to get the juices flowing, nonetheless. One of the hardest things to do is name things that you usually don’t think of often, regardless of their importance in your life. But if I think hard enough about it, my list would probably consist of this;

  1. A walk in the woods.
  2. A catchy tune that I can sing along to.
  3. Selecting a new save file on a video game.
  4. Being able to draw exactly how I feel it to be.
  5. Getting something done right the first time.
  6. Spacing out and feeling a part of something bigger.
  7. When my friends or family tell me something big they wouldn’t tell others.
  8. The smell of a library or books.
  9. Being free to chose where to travel, live, or work and being confident in my choices.
  10. The rare occasion where I feel relaxed in public and can do things normally.

Perhaps you share the sentiment with some of these. A common theme is relaxation. Having social anxiety is a mess on the mind and it makes the simplest tasks seem like an impossible feet. Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. It also depends on the people I’m with, therefore I’m unconsciously very selective of whom I allow into my close circle but you might now what I mean.

Feel free to comment some of the things that make you happy and share your thoughts, it’d do wonders for my curiosity.

Be on the lookout for Day 2 and until next we meet, have a happy life.


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