Planning and Sticking To It


I decided to start blogging, but honesty, I have no clue how to go about it. I follow some blogs and vlogs so using them as an example should be simple. Simpler said than implemented.

No worries, naïveté comes in handy in that it provides a sense of self efficacy and motivation. Such that can be funnelled into fuelling productivity such as planning. Planning only goes so far as taking action to bring the plans to fruition but it is a good start.

IMG_0380On the right is a screen shot of my Notes app. As you can probably see, there are a few ideas, but as of now the schedule is set as such;

  • Poetry Review on Monday
  • Short Story on Tuesday
  • Video Game Review on Wednesday
  • Anime Review on Thursday
  • Illustrated Story on Friday
  • Art Review on Saturday


Having a set schedule provides some order to the week. It also ensures that I have a plan to follow and can manage the type of content to put out. This allows for something new to be published at least once a day – given I follow through with it. Each day shall also have a category tab which ought to make finding similar entries from past dates simpler to you, my readers.

Perhaps this will turn out to be a success. And regardless of whether it does I should hope to thank you all for your support.


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